The Club Divisions

Season 2023
St-Victor-Division C
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1Sylvie Brunelle90100.018290.01175568.0
2Aram Armaghanyan8188.917577.31188358.7
3Éric Cabana8466.7171356.714012652.6
4Duy Khoi Nguyen70100.0140100.0841188.4
5Anthony Sammartino6554.5141253.811010850.5
6Frédéric Poisson6650.0131546.412613149.0
7Johanne Lemoine5271.411473.3805061.5
8Guy Daoust5362.511761.1867752.8
9André Priouret5550.0131252.012111152.2
10Mondher Souilah40100.080100.0492269.0
11John Di Sante4180.08280.0533659.6
12Serge Carignan4450.010952.6949250.5
13Rino Stocco4450.09852.9706551.9
14Valentino Cardazzi4544.4121054.51109553.7
15Ali Stouky30100.060100.036392.3
16Patricia Alvarez3175.06275.0362658.1
17Sophie Limoges3442.96842.9666251.6
18Etienne Arsenault20100.04180.0251267.6
19Genevieve Girard-Landry2250.04450.0333647.8
20Karim Chikh2820.051623.87411638.9
21Félix-Olivier Proulx2820.051623.86611037.5
22Michel Raffa1150.02250.0181751.4
23Marie Champoux1233.32433.3223141.5
24Yassine Kamal1614.331220.0378031.6
25Carine Dos Santos1614.321214.3438035.0
26Manon Ouellette1109.12209.16012632.3
27Alexandre Marleau-Lespérance030.0060.053612.2
28Uyen Pham040.0080.0134821.3
29Eric Taillefer060.00120.0277426.7
30Sebastien Tremblay00-00-00-
30Jean-Benoit Bouchard00-00-00-
MW Matches won
ML Matches lost
MW% Percentage of matches won
SW Sets won
SL Sets lost
SW% Percentage of set won
GW Games won
GL Games lost
GW% Percentage of games won
1- Matches won (Descending)
2- Matches lost (Ascending)
3- Sets won (Descending)
4- Sets lost (Ascending)
5- Games won (Descending)
6- Games lost (Ascending)
This division is included in a session


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