Release notices

Season 2024
Communication Center New
  • It is now possible to send emails to current members only to further filter the recipient list. This feature is useful for not sending communications to former members.
  • It is now possible to filter the list of recipients using player labels. Only players with at least one of the specified labels will be contacted.
Club Administration New
  • It is now possible to manage access to the club administration pages more precisely. For a manager to have access to specific pages, they must now have a role that allows them to access these pages. It is also possible to assign several roles to a manager. By default, a manager without roles does not have access to any administration pages.
  • It is now possible to access entities from previous seasons for divisions, sessions and schedulers for individual leagues, team leagues, tournaments and courses sessions.
Registration Administration New
  • It is now possible to configure the target audience for registration periods to “Effective Subscribers Only.” This will make the period available only to players with a valid membership card.
  • A new status has been added to the registration request workflow. The "Pending Payment" status allows reserving a place for the calculation of maxima of packages and allows following officially accepted requests for which only payment is missing.
  • Past registration periods are now automatically hidden in the period list. It is possible to retrieve them using the display button in the toolbar.
Administration of individual leagues New
  • It is now possible to manage a list of substitute players in divisions of individual leagues.
  • We now allow clubs to specify which membership cards and packages should be considered when the platform checks the “Effective subscribers only” criterion for booking access.
  • We now allow clubs to restrict reservations based on player labels. Players will have to possess one of the labels associated with the time slot to book it.
Booking Administration New
  • It is now possible to link courts together. Linking a court to one or more “associated” courts will automatically block them when making reservations on the “main” court.
Registrations Improvment
  • In order to reduce the inconvenience of exceeding the capacity of packages, a new validation now notifies players when the choice of their family members would exceed the maximum allowed for the chosen package.
  • If multiple registrations occur at the same time and submitting the registration would cause one of the chosen packages to exceed its maximum capacity, the registration request will remain “Pending Approval.” Club managers will be notified of the situation and can make the decision to accept the request and exceed capacity or refuse it.

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