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Club de tennis Beauport-Ouest

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Ligue de double mixte - mardi soir

Rotation Mixed - Single
from May 9 to December 31
1Mario De Alneida000-00-00-
1David Berthiaume000-00-00-
1Marielle Gaudet000-00-00-
1Jean Daigle000-00-00-
1Benoit Dufour000-00-00-
1Sylvain Fortin000-00-00-
1Rémi Garneau000-00-00-
1Catherine Tremblay000-00-00-
1Jean Denis000-00-00-
1DENIS LAROCHE000-00-00-
1Gérard Lévesque000-00-00-
1louise Thériault000-00-00-

Réjean Simard

Round-Robin Mixed - Single
from May 29 to September 11
1Nicolas Gosselin30100.030100.0271269.2
2Simon Gagnon20100.020100.020774.1
3Godefroy Laberge2166.72166.7231659.0
4Marie-Michele Turbide1150.01150.071630.4
5Catherine Drouin1233.31233.3132237.1
6David Senechal010.0010.081044.4
7Pierre-Éric Paquet010.0010.06746.2
8Rejean Simard030.0030.0142833.3
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